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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training additionally present information on educating methodology, including demonstrating postures, observing, assisting and correcting students, instructing types, qualities of an excellent yoga teacher, and the enterprise of educating yoga. This data is supplemented by an intensive understanding of anatomy and physiology, one of the vital features of yoga teacher training. Students who complete the training will find out about both bodily anatomy (bodily methods, muscle tissue, organs, etc.) and energetic anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, the move of prana, etc.). The 200 hours of training is rounded out with the examine of yoga philosophy.

Upon completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training, students ought to have a radical understanding of asana (yoga postures), including correct alignment and modifications, as well as particular pranayama (respiration), kriya (cleaning), chanting, mantra (verbal sounds or syllables) and meditation techniques that can help their students and themselves in accessing the full benefits of a yoga practice.

A 200-hour yoga training program should ideally depart the participant not only prepared to teach safely and passionately, however to additional their very own study and observe of yoga.

Our 200hrs yoga teacher training Main focus: 1. Hatha Yoga. 2. Ashtanga Vinyasa 3. Pranayama 4. Meditation 5. Teaching methodology.
Cost with Single Room Accommodation and Meals: 1500 USD

Cost with Shared Room Accommodation and Meals: 1350 USD
Seats: 25 .

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Yoga Teachers Training (200 hrs ) (Yoga Alliance)
14 Jan to 10 Feb (2017) (25) Seats 14 June to 10 July (2017) (25) Seats
14 Feb to 10 March (2017) (25) Seats 14 July to 10 August (2017) (25) Seats
14 March to 10 April (2017) (25) Seats 14 August to 10 Sept (2017) (25) Seats
14 April to 10 May (2017) (25) Seats 14 Sept to 10 Oct (2017) (25) Seats
14 May to 10 June (2017) (25) Seats 14 Oct to 10 Nov (2017) (25) Seats
14 June to 10 July (2017) (25) Seats 14 Nov to 10 Dec (2017) (25) Seats
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Classical and authentic teachings.
Small groups for personal attention.
Yoga Alliance & International Yoga Federation
200hrs, 300hrs,500hrs teacher training courses.
Highly experienced and competent teachers.
Serene and peaceful ashram atmosphere.
Traditional Indian system of teaching (Gurukul system).
Personal attention and guidance.
We focus on multi-styles of yoga like Hatha yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow , Power Yoga 
We also Teach Meditation In our course
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