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It is clear to anybody who has begun the examine of yoga that it's a advanced and complex system. In fact, at its roots, yoga was often a life long subject of research, a each day endeavor between student and guru. Due to this fact, it is not stunning that many trendy yoga teachers and practitioners really feel that a 200-hour program is not practically enough for their very own research and teaching!

This curiosity in addition to the need to either deepen one's own observe and knowledge or improve one's teaching capacity and depth are some of the causes that many lecturers really feel compelled to embark upon a 300 hour yoga Teacher Training program.

A 300-hour yoga teacher training program usually allows a student of yoga to begin to delve into the more delicate and philosophical points of this practice. Whereas a 200-hour program is concentrated more on the postures (or asanas) that a student will seemingly be teaching more than anything, a longer format training can start to get into the actual substance of this follow, its psychological and subtle methods and theories.

Though it's definitely useful to be able to educate the extra "train" type courses that there may be a robust marketplace for, those that hold coming back to yoga (and desire to show it) usually are pursuing it for one thing greater than a powerful and flexible body.

The mental, energetic and transcendent features of a yoga follow are what separates yoga from a easy train program, and are sometimes what academics and practitioners are most curious about.

Main focus: 1. Yoga therapy. 2. Focus on spirituality with spiritual masters. 3. Yoga Sutra. 4. Ayurveda 5. Diet and prana.
Cost with Single Room Accommodation and Meals: 1950 USD

Cost with Shared Room Accommodation and Meals: 1650 USD
Seats: 15 .

Yoga Teachers Training (300 hrs ) (Yoga Alliance)
14 Jan to 12 Feb (2017) (15) Seats 14 June to 12 July (2017) (15) Seats
14 Feb to 12 March (2017) (15) Seats 14 July to 12 August (2017) (15) Seats
14 March to 12 April (2017) (15) Seats 14 August to 12 Sept (2017) (15) Seats
14 April to 12 May (2017) (15) Seats 14 Sept to 12 Oct (2017) (15) Seats
14 May to 12 June (2017) (15) Seats 14 Oct to 12 Nov (2017) (15) Seats
14 June to 12 July (2017) (15) Seats 14 Nov to 12 Dec (2017) (15) Seats
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Classical and authentic teachings.
Small groups for personal attention.
Yoga Alliance & International Yoga Federation
200hrs, 300hrs,500hrs teacher training courses.
Highly experienced and competent teachers.
Serene and peaceful ashram atmosphere.
Traditional Indian system of teaching (Gurukul system).
Personal attention and guidance.
We focus on multi-styles of yoga like Hatha yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow , Power Yoga 
We also Teach Meditation In our course
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